Alex Miranda

On April 1, 2012, I began my Paleo Challenge with Primitive Nutrition.  What started out as an experimental project turned into a life-changing experience.

Been a fan of paleo for a while, especially when it was introduced to me at NonStop CrossFit in Miami Lakes.  It seemed like everyone who was having success at CrossFit was on this Paleo diet.  I finally decided to try paleo through Susie sometime at the beginning of 2012.

Prior to paleo, I had followed a South Beach Diet…..partying, drinking and eating whatever I wanted!  LoL.  The problem was that living that lifestyle wasn’t doing anything for my CrossFit workouts.  I wanted to excel and be able to improve drastically on my times.

What really got me to start eating paleo was participating in Caution CrossFit’s annual competition, Caution Grounds.  In the month leading up to the competition I decided I would try out Primitive Nutrition.  I finished 15 out of 38 men.  For my first competition, that’s not to shabby.


It’s hard to see your body transform daily, but eating Paleo produced a transformation faster than I would imagine.  I was feeling better, working out better, and my wife was telling  me I look hotter than ever before.  I’m 31 now.  I guess 30′s is the new 20′s!  It’s crazy how I waited to get married to be in the best shape of my life.  But I believe she makes me a better person, so of course that would translate to my body.

Admittedly, I fell off the boat during the Marlin’s Season Opener game when I was still toying with the notion of a ‘free day’.  I ended up drinking beer, eating a hot dog, and gaining a pound in a day!!  I’m exaggerating, but it you get what I mean.

What changed?

The biggest change for me was energy levels.  I was always yawning in meetings and never had the energy to go out on Friday.  No joke, now I have energy that needs to be burned off.  Thankfully, my box is down the street (Caution CrossFit).  I go right after work — if not i get home too antsy.  I also put a pullup bar in my office and started jogging a bit in the morning.  Not because I want to lose weight, but because I need to burn off energy.  I still drink coffee, but because I like it — not because I need to.

Hardest Moment

That my wife didn’t join the challenge with me, so I had to watch her drink coke and eat junk food.  Oh, and she doesn’t finish her junk food, so she puts it in the refrigerator for me to see every morning.  Now the “munchy monster” can’t attack, so I’m sitting here looking at awesome food all day :-(

Most rewarding moment

When I realized skinny jeans look good on me!  Oh, and when I started to see my abs for the first time EVER!  I was always a fat boy.  This is a first.

Oddest improvement

I always needed help focusing, so sometimes I would take some adderall to help me out at work.  I haven’t taken that stuff in MONTHS and I feel great.  My attention span is on point.  I truly believe it had a lot to do with my diet.  No joke.