What Is Paleo?

Paleo is not only a way of eating, it’s a lifestyle choice.

In terms of nutrition, Paleo is commonly referred to as the caveman diet or hunter-gatherer diet, and is based on the principles of eating plants and animals similar to the diets of our ancestors from the Paleolithic era.

It consists of eating whole, unprocessed foods, such as meat, seafood, non-starch vegetables, with some fruit, nuts, and seeds.

The theory of eating Paleo stems from research showing the decline in our health once modern (or “Neolithic”) foods like grains, sugar, and other processed foods were introduced into our diet. It was not until these foods were introduced via the rise of agriculture that cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity became health issues for us to battle.

Primitive Nutrition meals are based on a Paleo template following certain key guidelines:

  • No preservatives or processed/packaged foods.
  • We avoid grains, legumes, sugar, and dairy.
  • Meals are prepared fresh with all-natural ingredients.

Our menu choice provides the right variety to meet the nutritional needs of those who may be trying Paleo for the first time or those who are already living a Paleo lifestyle.